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Alex Benay

Alex Benay


President and Chief Executive Officer at Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

In my blog as CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, I post insight into how the Museums are telling Canada’s story of scientific and technological innovation, as well as our steps towards becoming a truly digital organization and a destination to discover where the past meets the future.

At the Government Technology Exhibition and Conference (GTEC), November 1-3, 2016, Alex discussed the Canada Science and Technology Museum renewal project, as well as the institution’s efforts to create a collaborative, participatory, and open work environment.

Canadian Pacific Railway’s annual Holiday Train visits Toronto on one of its many stops in Canada and the U.S.

Canada’s Spirit of Innovation │ Topic: Canadian Railway Innovators and Innovations

Imagine two bands of steel, running side by side for thousands of kilometers—for 6,351 kilometers! And always unerringly parallel—a constant 1,435 millimeters apart—for every 6,351,000 meters of the distance. From Nova Scotia to British Columbia, the Canadian Pacific Railway is not just a remarkable accomplishment of planning, engineering, and manpower, it also served to bind together disparate parts of the new country.

The biggest threat to Canadian culture…

What is this threat? Digital irrelevance. How can we avert it? By throwing everything we can dream up at the digital world, seeing what sticks, and doing it all over again.